Zoe-Nutrition for life, an initiative lead by Ms. Taniya Dhirasaria (founder and director) saw that people would be apprehensive before buying healthy meals & Smoothies because of inorganic meal & Traditional cold drinks are fully loaded with pesticides, toxins and other adulterants.

These day People are becoming more conscientious about their food and what they put into their bodies. They are spying on every fast food joints.

About ZOE

I would like to thanks to Ms. Taniya Dhirasaria et al took it upon themselves as an opportunity and challenge to deliver fresh, healthy meal, smoothies, pressed juices, to across Gurgaon so that people may stick to their diets and stay healthy.

Many of Youth, Including me find these meal are bland and boring, believe me you will change your perception after following me recommendation.

Major reason: Their Empanelled nutritionists supervise the recipes before they go onto the menus without any compromising of Indian taste bud.

We have tried their few item and reviewed.

Now forget about the artificially prepared Smoothies which is sold at fast food joints I think Zoe is a strong contender in “Smoothie-Smoothie” Market- in their words “These are 100% Home –Made Smoothie” They have introduced 6 different flavours made from organic ingredients, with no added sugar or additives. The six smoothie are FOR THE RULER, FOR THE HERO, FOR THE EXPLORER, Fuel Up FOR THE CREATOR, FOR THE WIZARD, FOR THE SAGE and FOR THE LOVER priced reasonably at 180/- a bottle except for the explorer which cost Rs 200/- for 300 Ml

Their Smoothies were kept in food grade stackable plastic bodies, which is another added advantage to try it.

    I tried “For the Hero” Smoothie- I was excited about this after reading some good number reviews on zomato.
    It was combining of bananas and highly nutritious and organic FLAX SEEDS with fresh creamy, fat-free GREEK YOGURT and a hint of Natural Honey makes for a rich and satisfying smoothie that’s also low in fat. To increase the richness, texture and flavour they have added Almond & peanut this smoothie fuels you up with a healthy dose of potassium, calcium, Magnesium and B6, and plenty of antioxidants. Value for money: Yes.
    The second juice I tried that day was ‘FOR THE EXPLORER’- a blueberry color monster blend with strawberry, blackberry, Greek yogurt, banana with hint of honey. I liked the balancing of flavor (otherwise all the item have different and strong taste) and taste of the Smoothie and loved that they didn’t have too much fruity-fruity.
    These smoothies were pretty delicious and impressive but I really loved the FOR THE EXPLORER. Which is highly recommended for all especially for teenagers & ladies, it comes with high nutritional value of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Magnesium & Iron. Value for money: Yes.

Quick Tip: use their direction of drinking smoothies- SHAKE-SMELL AND SIP Formula. Believe me its works.

#Healthy Meal


Zing is perfect meal for delicious and beautiful beginning to your day. I tried the ZING with strawberries, chocolates chips and almond it was layered with Yogurt and hint of honey in a parfait glass. I was most excited about this one because it has all my all time favorite ingredients that are healthy, versatile and extremely satisfying for my taste bud. It was pretty good and can’t take roughly a more than a minute to clear it. Value for money: Yes.

ELAN: Recommended for OAT’s lover
The second one I tried was an ELAN which was an OATS with layers of pomegranate and pistachios with hints of Honey and high quality yogurt. I never liked OATS, May be it was only reason, for me this one was pretty standard and exoteric and wasn’t extraordinary but I was happy to report that the ingredients were very fresh, and perfectly blended, recommended if you really like oats meal and looking to add some b12, iron and protein into your diet to fuel your workouts. It was appropriately portioned. Value for money: Yes.

I was particularly impressed that they didn’t use plastic and used parfait glass jar instead, which is must for any perfect fruit parfait.

I recommend ZOE-Nutrition for life, to all busy bees, health conscious eaters and anyone looking to change up their health plan. I loved the Smoothies and ZING and will definitely be ordering again soon.

Quick Tip: Delivering Across Gurgaon only.