Yolo21 is quaint mid range café with the capacity of 36 sitting serves quick tummy filling meals and is a perfect for student hangout. The wooden décor is warm and walls are adorned with framed pictures and their quotes of Sachin Tendulkar, Mahatma Gandhi ,Steve Jobs and several another celebrities across the world. Little sticky notes of appreciation on the notice board, exactly on the entrance tell you how much guys love this place. The menu is simple Italian and Continental. Tuck into their Cottage Cheese Delight, Fusili Primavera and signature dishes i.e. Banoffee Pie whiles you catch-up with friends.

About Y.O.L.O 21

Y.O.L.O. 21 Café has been started by Mr Sukreet Singh, by Profession he is an auditor, is a passionate entrepreneur now, He was just 23 year when he conceptualized about YOLO in 2013 to start his first restaurant and this young and energetic entrepreneur accumulated experience and courage for a risky venture.

Sukreet agrees “café is risky venture; one should not open the restaurant blindly.” “Patience and hard work is the key factor to scaling up a restaurant business.”Sukreet adds.

What does a restaurateur need to keep in mind while scaling up?

He says”stay consolidate, stay true to what you stand for. One shouldn’t compromise or cut corners. Be continue to serve the product you set out to serve. People will eventually come. Sustainability is the only key factors that play lot, gradually, word will spread.”

On being asked “How are you taking challenges being a restaurant owner?”, He replied quickly, being positive you can easily close the difficulties, every day we have different challenges and challenges are part life of any entrepreneur.

How do you control price and quality?

Sukreet says it was crucial for his joint to keep the price fair and quantity should be qualitative, still, the young entrepreneur was convinced that Hudson lane had a continental palate. “We don’t use artificial, preservative in the food”. Sukreet adds.

Sukreet says “we have couple of very good Head chef and expert to handle our bakery and continental dishes”. We found Sukreet is very positive person, every time he don’t forget to give thank to God and His family.


Highly Recommended


+ Grand Oreo Shakes/ Smoothies- This was quite refreshing drink, I already convinced before drinking and really it was one of prefect Oreo drink I ever had!

+ Chunkey Munkey Shake/ Smoothie- This Chunky Monkey (Vegan) Smoothie it is meant to satisfy not only your body but also your mind. It’s delicious and tastes indulgent even though it is totally healthy!

+ Signature Nachos with Salsa & Sour- It was loaded with olives and sautéed veggies and were topped with melted cheese – You need to be little careful while ordering Cheesy dishes, as it soon becomes soggy, ‘cause of its natural property.

Main course

+ Cottage Cheese Delight– I was literally impressed with quality and ingredients of Cottage Cheese Delight, ultra fresh, perfect color and texture, Malai Paneer, onion,capsicum and other ingredients were fresh, I have found it was thin crust as well and A perfect Pizza is a balancing act. All the Ingredients must be distributed uniformly and I found all the filling in a pie was uniform and I can taste every item in every bite.

+ Fusili Primavera – This one was pretty standard and commonplace and wasn’t fantastic but I was happy to report that the Pasta weren’t soggy but they were appearing good and appealing when they arrived.

#Banoffee Pie:

Sukreet explains, ”it is our signature dish, which is made of bananas, smooth cream and Nutella”
I was most excited about this one because it has all my favourite ingredients that are naughty, irresistible and extremely satisfying.

Then, we ended our discussion while taking a spoonful of Banoffee pie.
Verdict: It was value for money, quality was top notch. Environment was good both young and even suitable for Families, Taste experience was superb. My Rating 4.5/5


Author: Subhash Sahni