This Joint café is situated in a very happening location of Galleria market, Gurgaon. The Joint cafe offers a wide range of cuisines in breakfast: American, Italian, French and Indian. “Joint café is just 2.5 year old” says Vikrant Singh Mathur, founder of Joint café.

“I run Royal India Polo Company, a sports marketing outfit with focus on the royal sport of Polo, I’m equally passionate about food as I’m about my horses, and currently I have 40 horses.”

– Vikrant Singh Mathur

About Joint Cafe

Vikrant is the founder of The Joint café and also the primary founder of Royal India Polo Company who own The Joint café in Galleria Market too. Vikrant started his café in September, 2013 at first floor of SF Block.


We found Vikrant is a very energetic host and we both were quite comfortable at his cafe, we exchanged the questions with warm greetings.


This Exotic English premier style little cafe is already famous for its BEST BURGERS, The wooden décor is warm and walls are adorned with many framed pictures of Bob Marley, Flag of Arsenal, KICKASS poster etc itself says its story. Little sticky notes of appreciation on every table tell you how much the founder is passionate. This café can accommodate upto 20-22 people.

Highly Recommended-Vikrant’s Recommendation

Non Vegetarian Burger

# HOT MAMA’s burger: it was monster sized burger, I never seen such kind of burger

“It is layered with Imported Brie cheese, Platter was Served with French Fries & Saffron Mayonnaise, we have tie-up with some companies that supplies imported ingredients to us” Vikrant describes while serving its hot mama’s Burger.

It was huge sesame bun, its filling consist of sauces, hint of honey, caramelized onion leaving its sweetness, olives, Brie cheese , a perfect juicy and tendered huge chicken patty and lettuce.

Vegetarian Burger

# Hollywood burger: Vikrant quickly suggested for my spouse a vegetarian burger, it was another huge sized burger, mushroom was replaced with Potatoes, and she loved it.

Quick note: These burger Platters too huge to eat by individual, however you can share between the people.

As per Quality & Quantity price was decently priced and Value for Money 5/5

We were already done with single burger, meanwhile Vikrant offered us Mocktails. We have opted

# Cucumber lemonade – Highly Recommended

Fresh cucumber lemonade flavored with mint and lemon zest was probably the most refreshing drink ever it was well decorated with pieces of cucumber

#Pineapple orange lemonade – Recommended

It was more like fruit punch, perfectly balanced and can be distinguish between the pineapples flavour and orange flavour , it was decorated by citrus slices.

Value for Money: yes, it was justifying both quality and quantity with taste and pricing.

We were almost done with both burgers and drinks. But Food never ended at the Joint café, as Vikrant again offered to taste a main course we asked him to serve a small portion.

We again opted following item

# Louisiana BBQ chicken Roast (Non vegetarian)

Grilled Thigh chicken marinated in Louisiana BBQ sauce and red wine with herb butter green peas and parmesan mash

I loved this Louisiana Style Barbecued Chicken. It’s a good meal to serve when you’ve got company coming because the chicken marinates overnight so the prep work is all done a day ahead of time. Chicken was juicy and well tendered with hint of brown sugar, honey, soy sauce & Barbeque sauce.

It was served with Lot of green peas and parmesan mash, but I was already done with main course.

I will recommend if you want to give a try Louisiana styled BBQ chicken.

# Creamy Marconi (Vegetarian): Marconi spinach tossed in creamy tomato sauce

My Spouse was impressed with quality of macaroni, top notch ingredient were used without compromising. She really liked the taste as well but didn’t complete her meal.

Value for Money: yes, it was justifying both quality and quantity with taste and pricing.

Verdict: I will recommend trying Joint café’s burgers are worth to try and best in the town; these are decently price in terms of quality and quantity.