An Exclusive Preview of Hyderabadi food festival @TGKF, Radisson – Mahipalpur

Are you crazy about authentic Nawabi/ Nijami Kebab? The Great Indian Kebab Factory should be the next stop on your crunchy munchy point.  They have food festivals from time to time, and the decor elements created for each one are kept for a long period after the event is over.  I have attended for its exclusive preview.

CHEF’S PLATTER of the Day 17 April, 2016.


Galoti Kebab, Pudina Sheenga, Falaknuma Chooza, Hyderabadi Chaap,Nilgiri Murgh Tikka, Andhra/ Hyderabadi Macchi Fry, Hyderabadi Murgh Biryani


Subz Galouti Kabab, Lazeez Paneer Tikka, Imli aur curry Pattey Ke Aloo, Phal aur Sabz ki Shammi, Singharey Mirch ke Tinkey, Sufiana Salad, Hyderabadi Subz Biryani

About TGKF   

The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF) at Radisson Hotel, Mahipalpur is their origin restaurant and it was established in 1998 today it has fifteen branches across India.

The interior is an excellent and food served is standardised in its all branches. Rich Electric blues on the ceiling and some of the walls go with the royal Awadhi and Hyderabadi pattern, while brickwork on the walls and some of the wall pieces connect the decor to the Kababi origin region i.e. Awadh from where most of the kebabs originated. The restaurant uses a fusion of rusted wrought iron furniture. Ambience is more like a factory, with Kebab furnaces and clad stewards, the interiors are more functional than affluent. The open visual kitchen at the far end is presided over by the Number of chefs.


The menu of the day at TGKF was a little meagre, but that perception changed drastically when the food appeared, simply because the portions are huge and the food served is unlimited. The standard Menu of all TGKF outlets is an unlimited menu-of-the-day that includes six veg and non-veg kebabs/starters, and followed by main dishes assorted with breads and accompaniments, a biryani or pulao and desserts.

Food Review

They served Raita and Butter milk on the table alongwith the starters. I have found an interesting story of serving butter milk , most of customer have complaint of indigestion from over eating of Kebab that’s why They serve butter milk as the butter milk neutralize the effect of indigestion.

I started with their signature dishes Galouti Kabab, a fragrant tikki of keema that absolutely melts in the mouth. The taste is exactly that of the Nijami kabab – a simply wonderful start. The Falaknuma Chooza, a leg piece of Marinated chicken, Hyderabadi Chaap and Nilgiri Murgh Tikka. The Lunch line-up for the same time Andhra/Hyderabadi Macchi Fry, and Pudina Sheenga follows this, And these are just the non-vegetarian versions. For vegetarians, TGKF has the signature Subz Galouti and the other kebabs go by rotation , Lazeez Paneer Tikka, Imli aur curry pattey ke Aloo, Phal aur Subj ki Shammi, Singharey Singhaday Mirch ke Tinkayand Sufiyana Salad. I just came to know that they don’t repeat a single kabab for all of a month, all the while serving up two different menus in a day. The Galouti Kabab is the only regular dish since it is a signature dish, and would be sorely missed by regulars.

IMG_20160417_140416_HDRSince I’m on a blogging mission, I taste some of their vegetarian version too – the Lazeez paneer and Imly and curry pattey ke aloo are simply delicious The Interesting part that there is lot food for vegetarians in a kabab joint which is exactly opposite to my perception! I also love their signature drink Blu Topaz, which is excellent signature drink of Radisson Blu hotel.

After all of these kababs served by super flying attentive stewards, there is still a course of regular food – the Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani or Vegetarian Subz Biryani with Raita and kaali daal (Half Lenticels), and a yellow Dal with Paneer Nizami korma. I found main courses were superfluous after the kababs were served with small shirmals.

The meal ends with Dessert Chakanduri Halwa and  Double ka meetha, both elaborately named sweets that are pretty much regular preparations hiding behind fancy names. But by the time they arrive, I think it is a blessing in disguise, since in any case I don’t have the appetite left to even nuzzle at them! So I just a pick a spoonful of Double Ka Meetha and  Chakanduri Halwa both were delicious and highly recommended after some spicy delights.

“it is hard to find authentic Double ka Meetha across Delhi/NCR”  Says Chef Meraj-Ul-Haque. “We use very little sugar while preparing double ka Meetha and maintain its sweetness”. He added.

Chef Meraj-Ul-Haque has been working with Radisson for last 12 year, and continues his family’s legacy, yes Chef Meraj-Ul-Haque born in a family of Chef’s and hails from Lucknow.

All in all, I had very good experience with large appetites.

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