Located in a small lane, on the high street in Chandni Chowk, 100 meter away from Sishganj Gurudwara, and Opposite to famous Natraj Dahi Bhalla corner,

As per the unverified story of Paranthe Wali Gali’s acclaimed parantha selling establishments were owned originally by a single Brahmin family, who separated due to family disputes and later they have set up their own shops.

History & Shop

Ambience: Location and Sitting arrangement: forget about it, It’s not appropriate to talk about ambience of a place in Chandni Chowk or in old Delhi. Shop can accommodate upto 30 people in a time.

The first parantha shop in the gali is Pandit Devi Dayal’s( Now Babu Ram Devi Dayal). They claim that shop is established in 1889 and more than 127 year old. You can still observe the old tradition i.e. owner of the shop sits at the entrance, while supervision on the making of the paranthas he manage all cash transactions.

Earlier Shop has started with couple of varieties of traditional such as Aloo Parantha, Gobhi Parantha and Matar Parantha (filled with Mashed Potatoes, Cauliflower and Peas respectively).

In Early Decade of 2000 they have extended their menu upto Twenty types of Paranthas. Earlier they used to serve in banana leaves and Traditional clay pot now it is replaced by Stainless steel plate and Glasses.
Earlier they used to on the floor and that traditional is replaced with benches and tables.

Menu: The menu at Pandit Babu Ram Devi Dayal’s a lists the usual Aloo, Paneer, Gobi and Dal Paranthas, and new innovative options such as Meva, Kaju, Badam, Matar, Tamatar, Pudhina, and Mix Paranthas. Those like the kaju badam paranthas cost 65 rupees each while the normal ones are for Rs.50.

The Mix parantha, Pudina Parantha, Paneer and Meva are something to look out for. Parantha indeed is stuffed with a little bit of everything, from aloo, gobi, matar, tomato and paneer to cashew, almonds, pista, radish. The paranthas are fried in pure ghee in cast-iron kadhais and are served hot with variety of Kela-imli-chutneys, cholle, Bhandra type Aloo Sabj and Sitafal (Pumpkin) Sabji

Food Type: They served strictly Vegetarian dishes, they don’t use onion or garlic in their dishes, I am summarizing here couple of reason, earlier they were serving to Jains clients and another reason is Brahmin owners.

Few Jains and Brahmins believe that onion and garlic impure ingredients due to their aphrodisiac qualities.

Personal Experience: I can easily distinguish between the, Lack of Progressive approach, shop management, and quality which is degraded now.

Famous Actor Akshay Kumar brought up in Parantha gali, Shop has attracted many Politian and Bollywood celebrities and several framed certificate and pictures says all its stories.