After the tremendous success of Potbelly-Shahpur Jat, Bihar Niwas’s Resident Commissioner himself offered Potbelly Team to run a Bihari Cuisine dining space inside the prime property of Bihar Niwas in Chanakypuri. Potbelly Team followed the standard procedure and people got potbelly in Chankyapuri. Potebelly – Chankyapuri has been running successfully since March, 2015. Since of very first of month of this restaurant (Café) has been receiving a variable response, Both the Outlet(Shahpur/ Chankyapuri) are managed by Potbelly team and mentored by energetic Puja Sahu (co-founder). Potbelly is focusing mainly on Bihari cuisine, apart traditional dishes you can order some QSR’s hot dishes such as Bihari Burger and Oreo Shakes.


It is mid range café, the interiors are colorful, sitting are rustic chic, without being ambidextrous. Wired lamps hang in a profusion of lights and colours over a gentle, pastel-hued split-level area. The tables are well spaced, assuring a certain privacy in conversation, providing a soft soundtrack in its background.

Diners also have the option to enjoy their meal listening to birds chirping in the background while sitting on few tables set up in the garden area. I personally liked outdoor area.


The menu comprises Bihari cuisine beyond its signature dishe i.e. litthi-choka. There is a bounty of “baskets” — of pakodas, paronthas (parantha) and baggias served with various mint and tomatoes chutneys. Apart from a slew of fixed vegetarian thalis, there is an extensive selection of mutton and seafood as well.

We have started with Bihari Starters. All the Bihari Starter were served in specially designed earthen pot and every item is served with two Indian dips i.e. Green coriander and tomato chutnies.

Bihari Starters

1) Pakora Basket; A mix portion of Golden Crispy Fried Potato, Sabudana Pakora and Onion Kacchri.

2) Baggia Basket; Small Pakoras of rice flour Stuffed with channa dal with hint of spices,

3) Parontha Basket; it was appearing homemade Parantha thali,parantha made of highly nutritious ingredients such as sattu, pea and onion and it was served with raita and pickle.

4) Meat Pakora Basket; Assorted Pakoras made with minced mutton and chicken.

IMG_20160525_173133_HDR IMG_20160525_173719_HDR IMG_20160525_200809_HDR

Bihari Main course

 Jhinga Macchli

 Mutton Chaap:

 Makhana Thali

The Mutton chaap was served in thick Gravy; served with couple of parantha, Boondi Raita and Salad, Jhinga Macchli- I was expecting small jhinga macchil but it was shrimp served in redy curry with Rice and Salad. The Makhana thali consists of Paneer and Mushrooms diced in creamy gravy, accompanied with spinach pooris and chutni. It’s not hard to understand the beatific expressions on the faces of our fellow diners since it was appearing homely and we dint take more than two minute to finish it.

All item were decently qualitative and quantitative


Dessert section aren’t fix in the menu Today dessert was Makhana kheer, Pineapple pie and apple cinnamon cake and I opted makhana Kheer , it was perfect dessert to end our Gastronomic Journey.

IMG_20160525_204327_HDR IMG_20160525_204432_HDR

Price Factor: however the Prices are bit high if you compare with other place or being a Government space, but at contrast as per with Quality and Quantity it is decently price.

The various canteens located within the State Houses have a good number of visitors all day, however, at the end of the day; State Houses run as canteens and not a restaurant like a Potbelly. Hence it is not appropriate to compare with state house’s canteen with Standarised restaurant.

Service: Staffs were very attentive and courteous and had a very pleasing approach while taking and delivering the orders.

Our Personal experience was amazing at Potbelly–Chankyapuri and perfect meal with pre-monsoon rain was an added advantage. Potbelly is perfect example of Traditional Value and Progressive approach.
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