Indian coastal areas have a culinary variety, which is representative of their respective culture, proximity to the sea and the ingredients added to the food that best suit the climate of the region. At the Penninsular Kitchen, Vasant Kunj their menu delves deep into the food culture from the coastal regions such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa. Pennisular Kitchen serves a wide range of South Indian, coastal sea food.

The idea of authentic southern and coastal isn’t exactly new, Delhi is already experiencing with couple of food joints with serving authentic coastal sea food with variable options.

Ex-Corporate Gaurav Goel, Co-Founder, says that they have kept most of the dishes to their original taste; we (Gaurav and his wife Neha) have researched lot to bring out that coastal concept in the Delhi before entering into the unknown terrain, therefore we hired expert chef from every region. He says, “Secret of our kitchen is our Kitchen Made Masalas, our expert chefs prepare the spices in our kitchen”. “We are just one year old restaurant and recently we have celebrated our first year on 2nd may 2016 since then we have been receiving very variable responses from our guest”. Gaurav added.

The next challenge was pricing and Quality. Gaurav says it was crucial for his joint to keep the price fair and quantity should be qualitative. 39 year old Gaurav Goel was convinced that Delhi NCR had a North Indian and Chinese food dominating palate, as per today, Cholle Bhature/North Indian Platter is still dominating the Coastal food he agrees still there is lot of possibility in the Coastal Sea Food in forthcoming years.

After a long research on coastal food, Gaurav and His wife dream got a shape in the form of Peninsular Kitchen, Ambience Mall. Ex IT professional Gaurav hired an Architect in order to draw their dream.

Location: Located inside the Ambience Mall, at its level 3.

Outlet and Ambience

Outlet is Mid Range and can accommodate upto 48 people at the moment, it was painted with sea blue color theme and with a Nautical Design, Hanging Anchor etc. and all the chef to server were well  very professionally dressed up, “Initial design was our about the theme of restaurant but final touch was given by professional architect” Gaurav  adds.

Without compromising the authentic taste and Flavour, this restaurant currently has wide range on their wooden menu card including Mocktails/cocktails/wine.  However coastal sea food is a lot to their USP, but also with the visual delight of the process in their live kitchen section.

After some clicks we have started our Gastronomic Journey at Pennisular Kitchen.  In Early Stage server served four coastal Indian dips i.e Raw Mango Chutni, Coconut Chutni, Mint Chutni and Tomato Chutni

Drink Menu


+ Paan Brust , Vokda Infused with Fresh Paan Flavours

+ Khattalicious :- Dark Rum, Kala Khatta, Lime Juices topped with Soda Over crushed ice.

So finally we have started our gastronomic journey with their drink, both cocktail were good and worth to try, both were refreshing cocktails. But I will recommend trying a Paan Burst for everyone.  A strong paan flavoured cocktail take on the classic, garnished with a betel leaf.IMG_20160506_163008_HDR

+ Coconut Mojito: I have been trying Indian version of coconut Mojito for a decade, but Coconut Mojito was check for me, it was more than a regular stuff of virgin mojito which is replaced by coconut water.

+ Guava Burst: That mocktail is a variant that combines guava cubes with mint and lemon juice, rock salt.



+ Kerala Stir Fried Prawns/ Malabar Chemmeen Varanthu: Sweet and Spicy Prawn fry with twist of onion tomato masala, a rare dish of North Kerala.

+Stir Fried Chicken/ Kozhi Ularthiyathu:-Another Chicken Dish from Kerala, It is Pan cooked chicken with lots of Masala, Generous amount of Shallouts and curry leaves.

Main Course

+ Chicken Chettinad:- This is All Time Favorite chicken Preparation from Chettinad tradition, Spicy and extremely flavored.

+ Andhra Chicken Curry/ Kodi Kura:- Tracing its origin konseema region of coastal Andhra Essentially, It’s fiery chicken dish from a thickened with poppy seeds and sesame seeds.

+ The Grill Masala Fish

Served with Malabaar Parantha, Appam

We have started with Starter i.e. Kerala Stir Fried Prawns and Stir Fried chicken, only difference between their gravies else both were aromatic and tangy and delicious.  One could easily distinguish between aromas of Mustard seeds, curry leaves with onion, tomatoes gravies.


As one starts with the Chicken Chettinad with Coastal Bread Malabar Parantha and Appam and Later with Andhra Chicken Curry , Chettinad Chicken which is a staple food, full of Aroma and mild spices of Chettinad region is very famous Yummicious Chicken curry from Tamilnadu, whereas Andhra Chicken Curry is another staple food of Vijaywada region, Andhra Pradesh the curry almost merges with the aromatic flavour, through its luscious essence of spices.  The Grill Masala Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, which is wrapped in Banana leaves and marinade by an offspring of freshly grounded spices laden with the tangy aromatic flavour of its marinade and gravy, is surely one of the highlights of the food test.

The food items become an assortment of various cultures as one mixes Kerala’s Malabar Parantha or Appam with Andhra Chicken curry, adding the Papad or the different chutneys to enjoy a multicultural meal. The chef and his team have fastidiously included whatever it takes to include those items that are necessary to represent the States aptly.


Aravana Payasam Other items that were included in the meal were Goa Bebinca and Aravana Payasam from the desserts section; Bebinca, I was trying it first time – is a type of pudding and a traditional Goan dessert. I came to know that it is delicacy made during all festive occasions in Goa Traditional Bebinca has multiple layers. Pudding made with flour, eggs, sugar, coconut milk and cardamom-nutmeg powder.  Second Dessert I tried, Aravana Payasam is a special dish prepared as an offering to Lord Ayyappa, (like a diluted Halwa), it was made up of special red rice,  jaggries and nuts

While clicking their pics I came to know about their Breakfast buffet has around multiple dishes dishes from the coastal regions of the five states and decently low as Rs 229/- only .

P.S. I have been invited by Peninsular Kitchen to taste and review their food items

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