Launch yourself in this authentic Lebanese outlet that serves absolutely lip smacking Falafel and Arabian Shawarma. Order in for a Falafel with Side order Traditional Hummus with Pita, a Complete Platter, let them fix you with their signature drinks TWISAD at , Lub Lub Lebanese Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurgoan.

Inside Story

The idea of authentic Lebanese with slightly Indian taste bud isn’t exactly new. However, when Ex Employee of Deloitte Gaurav Kumar, and his other three partners worked on the Gaurav’s Passion , they realized they had found their entrepreneurial opening. Thus, Lub Lub Lebanese, an outlet was born.

We prepare own fresh Bread and Dips without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives under the expert supervision of expert chef, all are product are prepared in their Kitchen, we usually discard our item within 8-10 hours without taking care of any loss, we also believe in top notch hygiene environment & Quality – Co-Founder Gaurav.

While they had an idea in place, Gaurav and other co-founder were entering an unknown terrain. According to Gaurav, himself he have been very passionate about food niche especially Lebanese. “I distinctly remember how we managed to get an outlet in Baani Sqaure, Gurgaon in midst of Food Industry expert and his expert Chef worked on his idea and made it true. He Invited lot of people for food taste and review before entering into Lebanese Niche, Just couple of week ago we have extended our shop to 20+ sitting and extended our kitchen area as well” he adds.

The next challenge was pricing and Quality. Gaurav says it was crucial for his joint to keep the price fair and quantity should be qualitative, he agrees there is lot of possibility in the Lebanese Food.

His Dream came true in November 2015, at Baani Sqaure , Sector 50 Gurgaon and Lub Lub Lebanese has been receiving positive response since. Gaurav says they got variable response in the very first month of operations. Since then, they claim to have seen a growing group of returning customers and a dedicated fan base for their authentic recipes and flavours.

“All growth and traction has been purely organic and without any direct marketing overtures even though they didn’t distribute any single flyer. We have been getting lot of offers from Investors in order to expand their outlet, but we are now focusing to strengthen our quality before stepped-down in franchisee outlets” says Gaurav while showing his Guest List Register.

Without compromising the authentic Lebanese taste and flavour, Lub Lub Lebanese currently has 20+ items on their menu including few drinks. Although authentic Lebanese with slightly Favorable for Indian taste Bud adds a lot to their USP, with the visual delight of the process in their live kitchen section and the ability to perfect Lebanese with Indian Taste bud, ultimately it is the Food quality and Taste with Indian taste bud, which keeps the customers happy and returning for more.

Outlet and Ambience

Outlet is small and can accommodate upto 15-20 people, it was painted with bright yellow color theme and with a poster of master chef Famed Mr. Ashish Singh and all the chef were well professionally dressed up, “As per Scientifically proven reason yellow colour enhanced our craving” Gaurav  adds.

“Earlier we had a very small outlet, and couple of week ago we got another shop and we merged and extended our sitting space upto 20 people and live kitchen area” He further added.

Highly Recommended

We have tried Falafel Platter, Chicken Shawarma Roll, Their Signature dish Twisad and Blueberry Mocktail

We were highly impressed with quality of Falafel, it was perfectly fried, with natural aroma and yes this falafel was absolutely delicious and perfect for vegetarians in order to fulfill their Lebanese craving, it was super crunchy from outside, inner portion was perfectly juicy not chewy  it was.  It was served with authentic dips Tahini and Chilli Sauce, and I happy to report that I really loved Tahini dip. Tahini Dip was perfectly balanced, it’s thickness and consistency was superb.

Falafel was assorted with hummus and Green veg salsa. We really liked it.

TWISAD: It was their signature drink, with hint of ginger, mint and with lemonade.

Chicken Shawarma: I was literally impressed with bread quality of Shawarma, ultra fresh, perfect color and texture, lettuce, chicken and other ingredients were fresh and A perfect Shawarma is a balancing act. Main filling must be distributed uniformly and I found all the filling was uniform and I could feel every item in every bite.

Verdict: It was decently priced, quality was top notch. Taste was superb. NomNom Diaries Rating is 4.5/5