You can’t miss that place while entering to DLF cyber city, the colorful sticks at the Kings Kulfi kiosk at the DLF cyber city, in Gurgaon, New Delhi, tell itself the success story of the kulfi’s journey. Their Kulfi sticks are ranging from Rs50-70, come in 24+ flavours, from the routine kesar pista, chocolate and strawberry to the seasonal hits mango and Litchee and the more unusual anjeer, blackcurrant, paan, rum and raisin. Apart it they serves Ice-cream sundae Such as HCF to Fruit Sundae.

According to company’s owner Mr. Rajesh Kumar claims, they use naturally ingredients and their ice-creams are free from any kind of stabilizing, emulsifying agent or any fruit juice. To retain the natural aroma, taste and texture they use intensively and selected breed of fruits’ pulp.

The Delhi-based company ships its kulfis nationwide from its factory in Pune and Gurgoan.

Product Review

Tried their Anar and Jamun Sorbet another of the stunning range of Sorbets at this outlet.

IMG_20160323_154305_HDRAnar Sorbet: The sorbet feels like having the actual fruit itself, indeed its second generation of fruit in frozen avatar. Commonly if you freeze any fruit, it lost it flavor, texture. So instead of having the red pomegranate pearls, you are having an icy avtar in the form of Kulfi, but with the same juicy taste and feel divine. Earlier I was expecting it should me more like Juicy-juicy but I found it more like kulfi.

Jamun Sorbet: It’s completely juicy, pulpy, sweet, spicy, tangy, salty, and astringent and will have you wanting for more. Color was purple as deep dark, the flavor to match the color.

It was hot and sunny day, luckily we saw there was a little shady space with couple of chairs to sit on to get out of the sun and watch the market commotion.