K3- JW Marriott

Bangkok Street Food meets at the K3- JW Marriot, Aero city New Delhi

I was invited by JW Marriot for taste and Review of their Bangkok Street Food Festival (Exclusive Media Preview on 27th April, 2016) This festival is being hosted in K3, their all day dining restaurant, both for lunch and dinner, from 28th April to 7th May 2016 and it was led by Chef Kung and et al.

K3- JW Marriott

K3, is all-day dining restaurant at JW Marriott, Aerocity, it denotes its three kitchens – Indian, Cantonese and Tuscan and I was impressed with the extensive layout. Each Live kitchen is led by an independent chef.

From the entrance of the hotel everything looked very impressive and amenities as was expected from a Five Star Hotel. The approach to K3 is beautiful with one side being their lobby lounge named JW lounge and on the other side a stylish oval shape bar. At the entrance of K3 we have exchanged our greetings with the manager and PR Executive and after confirming our reservation, we were taken around the place to choose the table of our choice so that we may take photograph easily. This is one of the biggest restaurants we had ever visited if compares with Marriott hotel. Everything in the K3- live kitchens and five to six different types of seating areas including a beautiful outdoor seating setup, K3 looked just stunning.


Our Food Journey started with appetizer

1) Krathong Thong, it is deep-fried crispy cup cakes patty Shell filled with finely chopped vegetables and seafood. Chef Kung Says”it is most famous Thai appetizer”. “These light ultra crispy golden color cups can be filled with various savories filling”. She added.

2) Thord-Mum Pla , it is deep fried fish cakes- These Thai fish cakes are so good I always feel like I need couple of orders of them to satisfy my cravings. Thai fish cakes are made with fresh fish paste, beans, red curry paste and kaffir lime leaves. Every bite of the fish cakes is bursting with briny flavors of the fish, the fragrance and nuance from the red curry paste, and the crunchiness of the beans. They are absolutely delightful.

3) Tom-Yum Goong , it is spicy, hot and sour with shrimp in a clear broth, It is main signature dishes that define the actual quality of Thai flavour.

4) Tom-Yum Phak, so it is vegetarian version of Tom-Yum Soup that served with Spicy Vegetables and Lime grass.

5) Som Tam, it is extremely popular dish in Thai. It is green Papaya salad with topped with tomatoes, chilies, peanuts etc. indeed it perfection of combination four tastes- i.e. sour, chilly, sweet and salty.

IMG_20160427_145739_HDR IMG_20160427_145802_HDR

#Main Course

Geang Kiee Wan Kai – it is one of most Popular Signature dish straight from Thailand Street Food Kitchen, An ingenious blend of green curry paste combined with coconut cream with chicken pieces to create a thick and aromatic curry that goes extremely well with steamed rice.

Pla Neung Manao –it is Thai Showcase of steamed fish with tangy lime and chili sauce, it is one of Healthiest and Tasty Thai cuisine. It was garnished with cilantro, garlic cloves and lime slices, served in the plate, indeed it was show stealer item of the day.

Panang-Tow-Hoo – I had Tofu in red curry just because I wanted to taste the red curry. It was again well made with fried tofu pieces.


So our Journey ended with Excellent Dessert cum Drink

IMG_20160427_145835_HDRThab Thim Grob it is popular drink in the streets of Thailand – the colorful orange-red water chestnut with coconut milk, It is impossible-to-suck-up scrapings of coconut in the mix, and the water chestnut was in lovely shades of orangey-red. This red-orange water chestnut were cooked with topica and dipped in syrup served with coconut milk.

Services: Service staffs were courteous and on time.

in a Nutshell,

Meal Price:  Lunch Buffet (RS. 2200 ++) ; Dinner Buffet (RS. 2650 ++); TIMINGS: 12.30 pm to 3pm (lunch), 7.30 pm to 11pm (dinner)

Address: JW Marriott Hotel, Asset Area 4 , Hospitality District, Delhi Aerocity, NewDelhi 110037

Reservation details: +91 11 4521 2120

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