Katra Raghu Ganj, Near Barsabulla Chowk Chowk, Chawari Bazar Jain coffee house is a small outlet without having any sign board. It is serving its customers from last 68 years. This shop covers of over 12 varieties of Sandwiches with with mango, apple, chiku, pineapple, and grape stuffed between slices of bread, are delicacies you will probably not find anywhere else in the walled city. The timings here are 10 AM to 8 PM. The sandwiches are priced at around Rs.60. That is shared shop with a Kiryana store.

Location: shop location is quite typical exact location is OUTSIDE the ATM of PNB, which is inside the Katra of Raghu Ganj Building. Katra Raghuganj is located in Midst of Gujarat Namkeen and Sudarshan Shop.

Ambience: Jain Coffee House which is difficult to locate as it’s not been renovated for a couple of decade not having any sign board. The cafe has an olden-time kind of door and the interior of coffee house gave me a feel of cafés of mid 70s of Bollywood movies. It is perfect location for retro movies.

Sandwich: The basic ingredients of each fruit sandwich are seasonal fruit, white butter, home-made fresh paneer and sugary kesar chutney. The mango sandwich, for instance, is available year round. On demand They also serve toasted sandwiches with a simple filling of tomatoes and cucumber. If you are ordering a sandwich by default they would serve a fruit sandwich. First a slice of soft white bread is spread with marmalade. Then some pieces of fresh paneer, butter, a handful of sliced grapes, a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and slices of seasonal fruit.


History and About the shop: In the early 1948, Lala Shambhu Dayal Jain, a young one then Shikarpur, Uttarpradesh, migrated to Delhi. He got a small space in Present location started with small business.

Shop is shared between the brothers, Mangal Singh Jain sits in the adjacent grain store whereas the younger brothers Pawan Jain and Anil jain Operates coffee House with couple of assistants. The family’s main business is still grain-trading and the sandwiches are a sideline business.