Started in 2013 by Raymond and Aparna Andrews, Biryani Blues is owned by Gurgaon-based Thea Kitchen Pvt Ltd and planned it to expand its outlets in Delhi-NCR.

Earlier Biryani Blues has started out in Gurgaon as a takeaway operation serving authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, but after some positive responses and investment they opened its first proper restaurant-seating outlet, with much the same menu and still expanding.

Biryani Blue- Janpath

Biryani Blue is located at Prime location of Scindhia House Building alongwith KFC, Rajdhani , Teatrails.

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# Review

I have ordered a Combo for Two Offer and opted Takeaway

# Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani was outstanding and How they have taken the trouble to cook their biryanis the authentic Hyderabadi way is already mentioned in their wall, which is to say that they cook raw meat and rice together for several hours. Alike than South Indian Biryani, North Indian biryanis, on the contrary side, tend to be assembled with the rice and meat having been cooked separately.


# Chicken 65 

It was really delicious little spicy (opted mild spicy portion) deep fried boneless chicken highly recommended for everyone.


# Mirchi ka Salan

It was traditional Hyderabadi style Mirchi Ka Salan was very spicy and aromatic.


Meal was accomplishment with Traditional Raita to neutralize the effect of indigestion.

Ambience and Services: it had ample space with comfortable sitting option; Restaurant is divided into two parts. I didn’t check its upper floor however at ground floor it was well lit and had a cool ambience.

Overall rating 4/5

Disclaimer: This Rating is solely based on their fews dishes i.e. Chicken Biryani and Chicken 65.

In The Nutshell,

Meal for Two:  Rs 800 Including Dessert

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